San Felice: Flour "00" STG (1 bag x 25 kg / 55 lb)

San Felice: Flour "00" STG (1 bag x 25 kg / 55 lb)
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Our STG '00' flour is the first 00 wheat flour certified conforming to the characteristics listed in EU Regulation 97/2010 for the production of “STG Neapolitan Pizza.” High-protein flour obtained by blending the best Italian and North American grains. Using our STG flour, your pizzeria can be certified under the regulations. Molino San Felice is a company owned by the Ambrosio and Ragosta families. Protecting the ancient tradition of the Napolitan millers, in Molino San Felice, through four generations there are the secrets of this art, carried on with the same passion and dedition of a time. The activity of grinding the soft wheat began in the middle of 1800 in San Giuseppe Vesuviano and grew up in 1954 with a new establishment in Cimitile, a small agricultural town in Nola, that is, still now, the place of production. After over a century of history, Molino San Felice thinks that the mix of tradition and innovation, the careful selection and the slow grinding of the best national and international wheats are the secrets of a company that wants to improve its position in national and international commerce. Modern technological systems, an innovative analysis laboratory, precise deliveries and constant products are fundamental factors for a strong relation with the customers of the company. This important result comes from the contribution of all the people that work and collaborate with our company: our biggest patrimony. Their enthusiasm, their engagement and their competence make Molino San Felice a successful company. Since the beginning bakers, confectioners, fresh pasta laboratories choose the Molino San Felice flours because they are sure to use high-quality products of a reliable company. Molino San Felice is a strong company that, with the reached results, looks with optimism towards the future, ready to accept the challenges of the commerce, to satisfy the demand of the customers, careful for the quality of the products used. This pizza flour is an excellent addition to any wood fired pizza oven! Product Characteristics: W 200/300 P/L 0,50/0,70 Proteins ( N X 5,7) 11,00% / 12,20% Absorption 55% MIN Stability ( CD ) 4"/8"
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