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Brands - Basso Olive Oil

Basso Olive Oil

Basso is dedicated to providing customers with the best taste and quality. For decades, Basso has provided customers throughout Italy and the rest of the world with delicious and top quality oils free of impurities. Beyond sourcing olives from the right places like Italy and Greece, Basso uses professional laboratory testing to get a perfect blend of healthy olive oil and real herbs and spices.

We guarantee goodness with the exclusive choice of the best olives, the best olive groves, the best Italian regions. Oils that have the character of the lands they come from, genuine, delicate or decisive, immediate to appear in the bite or patient to wait in the aftertaste.

We guarantee quality with attention at every stage of processing. Everything must be healthy, clean, worked with the utmost precision, in compliance with the rules and customer satisfaction. To do this, we combine the strength of traditions with the effectiveness of new technologies.

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