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Infused All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 pk Gift Set | GARLIC | CHILI PEPPER | ROSEMARY | BASIL | 4 bottles x 8.5 fl.oz (250ml) by BASSO 1904

Infused All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 pk Gift Set | GARLIC | CHILI PEPPER | ROSEMARY | BASIL | 4 bottles x 8.5 fl.oz (250ml) by BASSO 1904

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This Infused All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 pk Gift Set is the perfect gift or compliment to your holiday celebrations.

Basso Olive Oil presents four of the best tasting naturally flavor-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

You will get four separate naturally infused flavors: GARLIC | CHILI PEPPER | ROSEMARY | BASIL

This gift box is packed with 4 bottles x 8.5 fl.oz (250ml) by BASSO 1904 This Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil set is great for or Dipping & Tasting and will make the perfect Corporate or personal Gift.

Basso oils also follow an extensive testing process so that what ends up on your table is as pure as possible. Buy our 4 set today to get a taste of why Basso stands above the competition in terms of purity, quality control, and flavor.

Basso infused extra-virgin olive oil is a uniquely delicious addition to any meal or recipe.

Drizzle it on top of your salad, vegetables, or toasted bread for a quick and healthy snack. Our extra-virgin olive oil is also great for cooking dishes like stir-fry and sautéed vegetables. Great oils are not only flavor packed condiments but also work as a fantastic base for whatever you are cooking. Basso sources our olives from Italy and other areas of Europe like Greece. If you are looking for top quality non-GMO olive oils, then the Basso selection is perfect for you. Buy some of our infused oils, like white truffle and basil oils, today as a gift or a tasty addition to your kitchen and recipes.

Try our Chili Infused Olive Oil Pumpkin Soup Recipe.

Basso Infused Olive Oil Chili Soup Recipe

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Basso Olive Oil

Basso - The Right Flavor to Spice Up Any Dish

Each bottle in our Basso 1904 Infused Olive Oil set comes with 4 glass bottles containing 250 ml (8.5 oz). Each bottle has deliciously unique flavors that are perfectly balanced with our authentic Italian extra-virgin olive oil. Unlike regular oils, extra-virgin oils must fit specific guidelines and quality standards. Basso takes this a step above the basic guidelines with laboratory testing. Basso oils are processed to check for rancidity, temperature, purity, and more. Not even the smallest detail goes unchecked. Our infused variety of olive oils has the perfect blend of fresh olive taste with the powerful aroma and taste of real herbs and spices.

Unmatched Flavors

Our infused oils use no fake or artificial flavoring. If you want the true flavors of chili, basil, rosemary, or garlic to improve your cooking, then Basso is the brand for you. Every one of our flavored extra-virgin olive oils gets their aroma and flavor from real herbs and spices! Over 100 years of tradition and experience

Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Over a dozen certifications for quality. Combines both traditional and new technology for the best results.

Why Basso?

Dedication to Quality

Basso is dedicated to providing customers with the best taste and quality. For decades, Basso has provided customers throughout Italy and the rest of the world with delicious and top quality oils free of impurities. Beyond sourcing olives from the right places like Italy and Greece, Basso uses professional laboratory testing to get a perfect blend of healthy olive oil and real herbs and spices.

Authentic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

There is nothing like authentic extra-virgin olive oil from Italy. For centuries, olives have been grown throughout the Mediterranean. Some olive trees still farmed in Italy today are over a hundred years old! Italian olive oil makers are known to produce the best olive oils around specific regions have become famous for their unique hints of flavor. With over 500 types of olive trees in Italy, growing the plant and farming olives has become a longstanding tradition.

With Basso oils, you know without a doubt that what you are getting is authentic and free of unwanted impurities. We are passionate and dedicated to our products, the environment, and in providing a fantastic variety of oils like our delicious basil, chili pepper, rosemary, or garlic-infused extra-virgin olive oil.

"Faithful in Taste" - Shop Basso Today for Extra-virgin Olive Oils, Blends, and More Basso products speak for themselves. Our authentic extra-virgin olive oils come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Whether you are looking for something that adds to your salads or organic non-GMO oils for a healthy diet, Basso has the products for you.

Since 1904, we have carried our passion for premium oils across generations. Our saying is "fedele nel gusto" which translates to "faithful in taste". We are confident that the quality and flavor of our oils stand above the competition. With a dozen certifications and laboratory testing, we take that dedication and passion to the next level to ensure you get a top-quality product. When it comes to choosing between Basso or any other oils, always bet on our quality and tradition.

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