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Mariella: 2 x 10 lb "Bronze Die" Rigatoni Pasta

Mariella: 2 x 10 lb "Bronze Die" Rigatoni Pasta
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Mariella Artisan Pasta is made with great care, skill and patience. Our highly experienced pasta maker selects only the best wheat available and oversees all aspects of the production process. After the hard durum wheat flour has been milled and the dough kneaded, it is pushed through a wide variety bronze dies to produce many types of pasta shapes. Here is where the difference between bronze die and Teflon die pasta really becomes apparent: Bronze dies are rough inside (compared to the slick Teflon die), so they create a rough surfaced pasta as the dough passes through the die. As a result of creating this desired rough surface, a lower product yield is inevitable and the process is much slower when compared to the modern techniques. But it is necessary to create the imperfect texture that makes our Mariella Bronze Die Artisan Pasta perfect for absorbing the flavors of your favorite sauce.
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