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Valgri: 2 x 5 kg Italian Tomato Pizza Sauce "Pasata"

Valgri: 2 x 5 kg Italian Tomato Pizza Sauce "Pasata"
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Authentic Neapolitan "pasata" pizza sauce. VALGRI' FIRM HISTORY The brand Valgr_ is produced in Coppola spa factory, in Nocerino Sarnese, the Garden of Heaven of red, where the culture of tomato has deep roots. Born in 1960, Coppola spa obtains success very soon thanks to the quality of its productions obtained with traditional method. The relationship between tradition and technology made Coppolas family pay attention to the research of biological products. In 1992 Coppola Enterprice is born with Valgr_ trademark. Valgr_ assaults market through innovative marketing strategies creating the line Green Legumes, typical quality products, Weath for Pastiera and Roast Peppers, but especially Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes, grown in the hills, all products where the aromas of our countries are exalted, transforming every food in a "special", unique and appetizing course. Our cherry tomatoes represent the most important thing of Valgr_ production, now available in spiced, basil leaf and red pepper version. MISSION Valgr_ is a firm with an ambitious target: to select and to introduce in the trade sector only high-quality alimentary products. Valgr_ selects with care in the fertile soil of the South of Italy, the best products for origin, genuineness and flavour, falling into line with the highest production of the market. Creating a relationship between tradition and innovation, Valgr_ proposes on Italians tables genuine and typical products, making every dish a rich one. LINE AND NOVELT The "Red Line" includes: peeled tomatoes, the exclusive tomato pulp, pur_ed tomato, Double tomato concentrate. Then there are the extraordinary, little and very tasty natural Cherry tomatoes, with red pepper too, or the famous "Piennolo cherry tomatoes", grown in the hills, of wich Valgr_ is very proud. The ready sauces complete the range of the products; these are cooked with a simple and genuine recipe, like house made. Then Valgr_ produces legumes, wheat for "pastiera", a typical southern Italian production, peaches in syrup, mais, peppers and mushrooms, all products where the aromas of our countries are exalted, transforming every food in a "special", unique and appetizing course. We are creating now two news: oven cooked cherry tomatoes preserved in oil and the original pur_ed of cherry tomatoes, to which our experts devoted a deep research to satisfy new necessities of consumers. WHY DOES CONSUMER CHOOSE VALGR_? The fresh and flavoursome taste of "raw" tomato, the elevated density of pur_ed tomatoes, the taste, the colour and the unique relish are the main characteristics of Valgr_ products. Controls are effected daily; each stage of production, starting from pasteurization, is electronically verified to give the maximum guarantee of quality. Ingredients: 100% All natural Imported Italian tomatoes. More detailed: Fine pulp of partially peeled tomatoes. Packed in an innovative 5 kg aseptic bag, hygenically safe, easily managable, lightweight, and easy to dispose of. Due to the nature of this product containing 100% Tomatoes it can be used as a base in your favorite recipes. Pasta Sauces, Mexican Salsa, Pizza Sauce, and more...
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