What is the best pizza dough?


The story of a family, a story of people and ideas.

Started in Arce, a province of Frosinone, in the first half of the twentieth century, from a small artisan business, POLSELLI today is a protagonist in the milling industry in Italy and a leader in the production of flour for bread, pizza and desserts.

Run for almost a century by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that today has reached the third generation, always focused on quality, it has grown to an area of approximately 25,000 m2, has a grinding installation with a production capacity of 350 tons per day, a warehousing capacity of raw materials of 7,000 tons and of finished products of 3,500 tons.

The values underlying the Polselli family’s passion for wheat are quality, trasparency and reliability. These principles mean that they only use quality wheat and work constantly to ensure high quality standards. They do this by carefully selecting their raw materials and closely monitoring the entire production process. Tradition and innovation are the key words. Production innovation is achieved by a constant commitment to final products with a high level of organoleptic, health and nutritional value. Process innovation means using the best technology to produce a flour that retains its characteristics. And finally, control monitoring involves analysis and chemical and microbiological tests to measure the product’s nutritional value and functional properties, as well as ensuring that it is safe and stores well. POLSELLI is a company of people. Their commitment and professionalism are its real competitive edge. Over the years this commitment has resulted in a successful business model based on constant assessment of consumer requirements, carefully selected raw materials, and the constant challenges presented by innovation and environmental protection.

Where can I purchase Genesio Olive Oil?

Many of our customers have seen our products on the tables of popular Italian restaurants across the country, but did not know where to purchase it for themselves!

These Italian food products are not sold to consumers in grocery stores, so you would have to purchase bulk orders from food suppliers.

Not anymore! Wholesale Italian Food now provides retail orders online for customers wishing to purchase exclusive restaurant items, such as Genesio Olive Oil.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Shipping Policy

It is our goal at Wholesale Italian Food to provide our shoppers the easiest and most convenient ways to shop while maintaining our low prices. We believe our low shipping rates feature does just that however, to keep this feature in place our customers must follow a few simple guidelines. See Below:


UPS Guidelines

Transit Time: Most orders are shipped within 1 business day Mon.-Fri. Allow 1-7 business days from time of shipping for standard courier shipments to arrive.

- All standard Courier policies apply.

- All refrigerated products (i.e. Buffalo Mozzarella) ordered by Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern will ship the following Thursday for Friday delivery. Being that our refrigerated items are temperature sensitive the consignee must be present for delivery or the product will perish and no refunds will be issued. These terms are subject to change, we will call you if anything changes from the above.

Pallet Guidelines

Available ONLY for shipping to commercial addresses.

Wholesale Italian Food strives to use the better transportation companies in business. Our relationship with these carriers helps us to ensure on time deliveries and less accidental damage. If you decide to ship using our flat rate system all of the following guidelines will apply:

-Transit Time: Most orders are shipped within 1 business day Mon.-Fri.  Allow 2-6 business days from time of shipping for standard flat rate shipments to arrive.

Guideline #1: Wholesale Italian Foods includes the transportation from our door to your destination. In order to be eligible for our Flat rate system, your order must be delivered to a business address. We will withhold the right to cancel orders or to charge customers additional fee’s if this guideline is not met.

Guideline #2: Once your products have left our facility and are well on their way, the carrier will call to schedule an appointment for delivery

Guideline #3: After the date and time are agreed upon by both parties the consignee is required to accept the product at that time with no deviations. Under the tariff/rules from most Common Carriers it states that all loads will be delivered to the customer but will not be off loaded by the carrier unless requested. If requested, additional fees will apply and must agree to this by stating it on the delivery receipt that these fees will be paid by the consignee. It is in the customer’s best interest to unload the product themselves at no charge for these fee’s can be quite costly. In order to keep our shipping rates low, Wholesale Italian Foods absolutely will not pay these fee’s or any other fee’s that don’t fall into our standard delivery charges unless agreed upon before shipping or delivery. If a lift gate is required, please request this during the appointment scheduling process. Additional fee’s may apply.

Guideline #4: Please keep in mind that Wholesale Italian Foods can refuse delivery of your order until all additional fees are agreed upon with a Wholesale representative or delivering carrier.

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